A symbol of this season the faceless influencer who had a great success during Milan Fashion Week and it’s only the beginning. So who is she? 


Signed as @checking_invoices and having more than 75 thousand followers on Instagram they describe themselves as “Anonymous duo based nowhere”. It seems that they are telling the truth – they came from nowhere but made everyone to talk about them. It’s all about their anonymity which become a real trend and make people to be curious. Banksy and Daft Punk had begun to portray this anonymity as a distinctive trait of their image. Hidden identity had once again become a success more than a year ago with the Neapolitan rapper Liberato, who without ever being seen in the face managed to gather millions of consents and views. Now hidden identity is also striking in fashion. Curiosity for some, a symbol of depersonalization for others, a sign of protest for others. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter as long as it works. 

@checking_invoices, interviewed among others by Vogue Us, is undoubtedly a case and there are some clues that seem to reveal that under the mask there is a person who in fashion moves well and works there. Chic and mysterious account seems to be created by a Greek duo based in Milan. There is little information about them: one should be a stylist participating often in fashion weeks while the other should be a model. The project inaugurated in 2016 already by the name (literally checking the invoices) aims to make fun of the fashion industry. Apparently, according to the photographer’s statement to Vogue Us that everything was born because one of the girls didn’t want to be captured on the photos and that’s how the brilliant idea was born. Not bad for someone who don’t like appear in photos, right?

bella hadid