How to dress for a beach party?

Summer is definitely the season of events. From romantic dinner by the sea to the evening party with music and cocktails on the beach every night seems to be the perfect one to celebrate. But which is the right dress code that will help you to look elegant without appearing exaggerated and out of context? Which makeup and accessories to choose? Here are some tips to guarantee a spectacular look for your summer parties.

Finding the right outfit is not an easy thing as we find ourselves in a context very different from all the others and we need to take into consideration many things. For example such element as “sand” which may change the cards on the table. Certainly to avoid high heels, unsuitable for the context as well as too formal gala dresses. Low shoe and jeweled sandals are the key accessories for these looks while the general rule for dresses is simply one: freshness. If you can’t do without some jewels, choose light gold accessories instead, to give even more tone to your tan.

It is a good idea to play with the bright colors as well as white that give a fresh look and are suitable in informal places like the beach. For a splendid effect choose colors like green and yellow and fabrics like cotton and silk that will allow you to feel comfortable during the warm season thanks to their lightness. Pay attention to fluttering models, perhaps floral or fancy to match with leather.

Some of the most used dresses for beach parties are maxi dresses and wide tunics, which fall softly on the body and ensure great lightness. Why not to wear them with the swimsuit so you can easily take advantage of the location or with jeweled sandals to get a really scenic boho-chic look! And if the long dress with a train is better to be avoided, the ankle dress is instead recommended. Those with a flared cut with suspenders or half sleeves will certainly be the most suitable unless you opt for silk. In that case you can choose even with the one with long sleeves in light fabric. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of trousers, you can also opt for jumpsuits in the summer. Perfect both the palace leg and the classic model with chino trousers. Yes both to the patterns and to the geometric cuts as the seasonal trend wants. If instead the dress code even if on vacation requires long dress, opt for the most ironic and high-impact fancy dresses!