It is definitely a huge trend to wear together clothes which you would never have thought of before, mix fabrics and colors to create new and trendy looks. We saw print mixes on Instagram worn by influencers as well as in the front-rows of fashion shows, worn by actresses and fashion addicts. However, mixing prints is not that easy! Here are some simple rules to follow.

Start with the most simple mixes using colors and prints that will standardize the look. Try to use one color in different prints. For example, if you have a garment with blue flower you can use blue stripes in your look. Another starting point is to use the simplest patterns such as lines or polka dots, so that you can play with sizes and colors. For instance, you can mix skirt with black and white polka dots and blouse with large black and brown polka dots to obtain an amazing effect.

Remember that polka dots and stripes are neutral patterns. Therefore, they can be perfectly used together.

Don’t forget about the rule of the size which can be applied to any print. Large patterns can be combined with small and minimal ones so that creating a perfect look. For example, you can combine very small checked shirt with maxi skirt with huge flowers.


It is always a good idea to combine two patterns in the same color and shade. Remember also that lines can be considered as a neutral print so you can use them as if it were a one-color shirt.

In any case, always try to be creative in your looks and who knows, maybe you will become a new trendsetter!