Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes fashion associated with the beautiful time of the year, from bare shoulders to long summer dresses that accompany us every warm season. Long dresses, despite being light and flowing, are extremely comfortable, remain elegant and trendy. From the classic soft dresses, perfect to wear with sneakers, to the most elegant and long ones, just with a quick change of accessories, are perfect for both day and night, covering a wide range of events. Here are some tips on how to wear them and what is best to avoid…



Long dresses are easy to wear but, in any case, you need to take into account your body type in order to achieve the best effect. If you are small and slim you can choose asymmetrical or one-shoulder cuts that will make your figure slimmer. Simple prints and open back will enhance this type of figure. For those who have a bigger chest, it will be better to choose thin belts at the waist, or elegant empire-style dresses, that will harmonize the look. It is also better to wear dresses with straps or boat necklines. For a slightly larger physique it is better to choose monochromatic clothes and focus more on accessories.



One of the reasons why we love long dresses so much is because we can use them with lots of different accessories. Yet even with long dresses, all the details should be coordinated. Rihanna’s orthopedic shoes, the exaggerated accessories and vintage style of Paris Hilton or Jessica Alba’s much-loved Franciscan-style sandals are certainly comfortable but have nothing to do with a ​​”glamorous look”. In short, they could have done much better by coordinating just one item of clothing. If you have a monochromatic gown you can either choose accessories to match the dress or contrasting ones (even with print) for an extremely elegant look. If, on the other hand, the dress has a print, choose less eccentric and mainly monochromatic accessories. Also don’t underestimate the power of shoes that should lengthen the figure, not the contrary. It’s an absolute no to gladiator sandals with clothes below the knee or high boots under wide slits. Do not trust magazines or celebrities, their looks usually look good only on them.



Every summer has its main colors. This summer, we are definitely focusing on white, which gives us an idea of ​​freshness and can be combined with different accessories, from espadrilles to heels, from ballerinas to jewel sandals. Say yes to the red color from Capucci and Gucci fashion shows, which can be combined with both natural and shiny accessories. Splendid even if combined with a simple denim jacket and sneakers. Go ahead also with yellow, which is sometimes difficult to combine, but it is always an eclectic and vivid choice. For a more classic look, you can combine it with navy blue. Finally, black, which has no season and remains a timeless classic. Designed for special occasions, you can wear it with street accessories and flats during the day and with high-heels in the evening. A real problem-solver for both daytime and evening events.

To summarize, avoid the Matahari effect with too many accessories or devaluing long dresses with accessories that are too simple. Adapt long dresses to your own physique emphasizing the right areas and focus on summer colors like red, white and yellow with soft or draped fabrics for a truly amazing effect.