This is not the first time it has happened and it probably won’t be the last. Fashion in recent years has often been told through the big screen to reach the widest audience possible, to show that this great industry is made up of people and that these people are not so different from us. In this vein, the “Fashion Film Festival” was created, a festival whose aim is to make cinema with fashion.

For directors, designers and creatives the challenge is to tell about the style, evolution, its variations in time and space, through the film. 2019 has seen the release of at least three highly anticipated documentaries that every fashion enthusiast should see.




The documentary by Elisa Amoruso on Chiara Ferragni, presented in Venice in recent weeks is undoubtedly an interesting documentary on the life of the fashion blogger and on this profession which is the real novelty of the first decade of 2000. In this documentary you can see many cassettes of Chiara Ferragni, perfect little blonde girl with light eyes, a “victim” of the mother who continues to film her. A smiling little girl making face attracting the attention of her parents. A little girl who became a woman reinforcing that extreme confidence with the camera and using it to her advantage.


Not a masterpiece, but definitely a way to enter the exclusive life of one of the most followed and loved fashion bloggers in the world. 


Ralph Lauren

Very Ralph is the first film dedicated to the life of Ralph Lauren. Directed and produced by Susan Lacy – documentary filmmaker and Emmy winner – the documentary Very Ralph celebrates one of the most successful fashion designers of our time, analyzing life and talent. Ralph Lauren, is the symbol of the American dream: born in the infamous district of the Bronx in 1939, from a family of Jewish immigrants originating in Belarus he built himself thanks only to his talent. Ralph Lauren has been able to create a real style made in the USA, a clean aesthetic, recognized and loved all over the world. For fashion lovers, a great opportunity to look at lots of new archive materials. It will be released November 12th, produced by HBO. 



Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen – The fashion genius has in fact opened the docu-fashion season of 2019. After shooting in 2018, it was released on March 10th. Directed by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui, the documentary film starts from the childhood of Alexander McQueen, who grew up in the neighborhoods of East London, retracing his life to success in the fashion world. First as a tailor’s apprentice and then much hard work to bring out the genius that everyone knows. The documentary arrives as a celebration of his career, not even ten years after the designer’s untimely death. Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home on February 11th, 2010 at the age of 40. The singer Lady Gaga, her great friend, dedicated a song to him, Fashion of His Love.

The documentory is a sincere story of a man tormented by so many demons, whimsical and able to influence the style and design of his era. A definite must see!