There exists a saying, in both Italian and Spanish, which says “who wears green is too sure in his own beauty”. This refers to the paintings of the nineteenth century where ladies and nobles were portrayed with large green cloaks. It was a noble color, associated with the wealth and those who could afford to be painted by a talented artist. This saying is a bit envious perhaps, but it certainly reveals the truth to us: wearing green is a symbol of safety as it is a garish color to wear in the summer and as many people believe it is difficult to match. In reality, green, in all its shades, can be combined in various ways. Here are some tips.


For women with blond hair and fair skin, the most suitable green is certainly the darker one (perfect in the shades of cinnabar green, olive green and military green). For the splendid effect, we recommend combining green with pink or light blue, for a contrast. For women with darker skin and dark hair, a brighter green (such as persian green) can be used together with all shades of red and purple to give a beautiful contrast to the skin.

Surely the combinations that are used most are those with neutral colors: nude or white and shades of black and grey. If, on the other hand, you decide to dare a little more, you can choose the two complementary colors, being yellow and blue (make sure they have the same intensity as the green you have chosen). In case you are super addicted to the combinations, try to use Itten’s color sphere to choose your triad combination. What does this mean? Through this color sphere, you can choose 3 colors that are at the same distance from each other, from the tone of the green that you have chosen, and that will be homogeneous in the combination. For example, you will discover that with a cold green you can use ochre and indigo. ATTENTION, when the intensity of green changes, the palette will also change and so yellow can turn orange and violet can become lilac. Let’s see how they were matched on the catwalk. 

Chanel, Givenchy, Oscar De La Renta, Naeem Khan, Brandon Maxwell, MSGM, Agnona, Prabal Gurung


In September 2018 green started to appear on the catwalk in all its shades. We had underestimated it, focusing more on floral patterns, pastel colors, yellow and fuchsia that seemed to stand out among the other colors. However, green has really surprised us this summer with the variety of shades we saw during the catwalks 2019. Chanel used green tea color for their sophisticated looks, Givenchy green office, Oscar de La Renta preferred myrtle green, Naeem Khan astonished us with his lime-colored cloak while Brandon Maxwell enhanced cinnabar green (a shade close to olive green) with a satin skirt. Different shades but equally appealing. Those who had bet on the persian green have really won, because this shade is certainly among the most used in the summer. On the catwalk, we had seen this shade for MSGM, Agnona and for the fantastic striped print between lime green, white and persian green proposed by Prabal Gurung.

(Discover the green looks clicking the link)