Halloween is approaching and every year together with the choice of the outfit many people find themselves looking for inspiration for the most suitable make-up for this occasion. Sometimes it is enough to have just a quick online search to find lots of ideas how to make a quick and easy make-up. But what if we need to attend an elegant event? After a careful selection of makeup proposed by beauty gurus and makeup artists on Instagram here are several ideas of Halloween beauty look: how to stay chic and more daring than usual!



Surely the protagonists of this year are the 3D applications on the face: from pearls to stickers, from studs to glitter. Among the many proposals it is really difficult to choose. The advice is to focus on what represents you the most, even if the temptation to dare is very strong. You can choose a light makeup embellished with rhinestones glued with false eyelash.


If you prefer a beauty with a focus on the lips, first choose your favorite lipstick and then play with some shiny eye shadows or glitter applied on it: you will get a dark but shiny effect, as @nikkietutorials shows.


Let yourself be inspired by the vinyl effect created with various applications of gloss with a thick consistency by @jordanliberty which has obtained a perfect glass effect, balanced the rest by nude and delicate face.



A choice that is always perfect for Halloween are the shades of red, especially the purple red, contaminated with purple drops.


We can choose a more nude style using few colors and without any glitter as @celine_bernaerts shows. The make-up guru has used the same tone of desaturated purple for both eyes and lips, added a gloss and a lot of mascara to emphasize the look.


Beautiful makeup by @jordaliberty that has used shades of red to create a super-shaded effect even in the lip contour, creating a unique and deep make-up.


Do not underestimate the contrast effect given by red mirror eyes (thanks to a transparent gloss) and octane lips or the use of bright reds that are a passkey for parties.



Perfectly on-trend graphic games with kohl and eyeliner. Use black to be on topic with the dark mood of the party, remembering about its endless possibilities.


@celine_bernaerts sees two possible ways: cat eyes, both faded and accurate, which can be associated with red lips or make-up with eyeliner, used with a curved line, which can be matched with nude lips, emphasizing the cheekbones with bronzer and blush.


Colorful and pop makeup of @nikkietutorials is also perfect for Halloween in these colors. 


Interesting ideas of @killercolours: electric blue lips with black graphic eyeliner and pencil with a hatch effect from which you should definitely must take inspiration!



The only rule: don’t be afraid to experiment! Remember that at Halloween night you can be whoever you want and a makeup is a powerful mean of expression.


As you can see @lapetitevengeance adds black glitter to the intense smokey. Anothr good example is a makeup with blood-colored lips and blue galaxy shimmer eyeshadow.


Super-glam the makeup of @lindahallberg, which despite being almost total black, adds interesting light points: at the center of the eyelid and in the inner corner to add the depth to her makeup.

Editorial on the cover of Trailer Magazine.

Model : Thairine Garcia
Photographer : Nicole Heiniger
Styling : Renata Correa
Makeup : Daniel Hernandez