What do Formula 1 drivers, astronauts, US high-security prisoners, international red carpets and glossy magazine covers have in common? The jumpsuits! It is incredibile how this garment, so versatile and widely-used, and undoubtedly very special thanks to the variety of shapes and colors, manages to cross very different worlds, becoming a symbol and an icon.


Jumpsuits are an infinitely versatile solution to solve all the issues about what to wear for different occasions. Perfect both for evening and day, the most popular shades of the season are those in neutral colors that can be matched with any type of accessory. Main trends in colors are khaki, green in its brightest shades and caramel brown inspired by the 70s. Moreover, it is possible to wear it both with heels and sneakers. In other words, it is a garment that we all love.


For sure, we are all in love with jumpsuits, as it is a very feminine and sexy garment, but choosing a shape that will best suit your body is not easy. In fact, it is really important to find the right model that will enhance your body advantages, otherwise the jumpsuit only amplifies the defects. Let’s start from the height first. If you are tall you have a huge variety of options to choose from (always pay attention to your body shape, especially to the hips and waist that will normally be weighed down by the structure of the jumpsuit) . See a bad example of Blake Lively who has chosen the wrong shape of the red jumpsuit which has enormously shortened her figure, despite being 1.78 cm high. In her defense we should mention that she was pregnant during the Cannes festival, so her body was already very different from the one we know. If you are a petite woman, it is better to choose a jumpsuit with a generous neckline and close-fitting structure, avoiding a wide shape that can make the figure even more petite.


If you have an amphora (also called pear) physique, the jumpsuit is not the most suitable garment for you as it normally widens the hips. However, if you are really in love with this garment it is better to choose jumpsuits that are larger at the top, perhaps enriched with flounces and with wide half sleeves to make the figure more harmonious. The important thing is to put more emphasis on the waist and give a preference to the dark colors, such as blue and black for the lower part.

For women with an apple body type, the “weak” point is undoubtedly the umbilical area while the strong point is the legs. To choose a more tight-fitting jumpsuit on the legs or even a short one with bare legs, while for the upper part it is better to focus on soft jumpsuits without decoration to avoid highlighting a critical point of the silhouette. For a perfect rendering you can choose American-style jumpsuits and accompany them with blazers or long cardigans to harmonize the figure by reaching out into the waist.


For a rectangle body type, prints are more than welcome. Avoid jumpsuits with bare shoulders and fine shoulder straps that only de-harmonize the figure. It’s better to choose one-shoulder jumpsuits with flounces or frills that cover the arms and create desired volumes that soften the body shape. A good example is Amal Alamuddin who always plays with volumes, even with jumpsuit bustier.


For inverted triangles we suggest to put all focus on the waist, lightening the wider upper part. For example, Emma Stone, who puts all emphasis on a bustier bodice that tends to bring the figure slightly lower, with an emphasis on waist and pants. A bodice with darker colors would have been better, still minimizing the volume, but you can’t have everything!


For women with an hourglass shape (see Irina Shayk) it is all very simple as with this type of physique it is really hard to make a mistake. Yes to all those models that have belts or laces on the waist and yes even to the skinnier ones to emphasize the figure.

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