White eyeliner: the beauty trend of summer

When summer comes we always want lighter colors and are looking for more pop trends, even in makeup. White eyeliner is certainly a great choice if we want to create a different look: it can help us create a delicate look by accentuating the natural contours of the eyes and face, or create a more sophisticated one, if combined with bright colors.


The main advantage of white is that it gives us a brighter and more awake appearance. However, the final result depends on the shape we want to create and the cut of our eyes.

Many stars have chosen a white make-up for the events of the season, creating amazing looks, which, despite their simplicity, manage to capture everyone’s attention.

There were also more natural and simple looks like that of Bella Hadid, pictured at an event in Munich. Even Margot Robbie has opted for a classic option although decidedly more bold, with thanks to her wide eyes, which created an amazing effect.

Lady Gaga’s look is decidedly more eccentric at the premiere of her film “A Star is Born”, with a mix of glitter and silver. Even Priyanka Chopra at this year’s Met Gala showed off a decidedly extravagant make-up, perfectly in line with the theme, accentuating the lower eyelid with white, giving it a more open and round appearance.


Just take a look at the beauty brands and very experienced make-up artists and YouTubers to find lots of inspiration for this summer’s looks.

The white eyeliner, in fact, does not necessarily have to be worn alone. Being a “non-color”, it is possible to place it alongside any other color spectrum in line with one’s taste. The Fenty Beauty new eyeliner campaign shows how many colors you can play with on just one eyelid.

Linda Hallberg, for example, made a vintage look, perfect for the more nostalgic and black eyeliner lovers, which combines two shades in a retro effect. Another solution is the one proposed by Nikki_makeup that has created an amazing geometric look giving a second shape to the face, drawing a second level of color on the face.


In general, white eyeliner functions the same as the best known black eyeliner. If we want to create a more elongated look, create a line from the innermost point of our upper eyelid to beyond the end of our eye, keeping in mind that if you have a thin eye you should not overdo the thickness of the stroke, or you risk that your eyes will look even smaller.

We use a white pencil in the inner eyelid to lighten the eye and enlarge the optical shape of the eye.

Let’s not forget that eyeliner can be used to complete a particular look or give a geometric hint to a more classic smokey eye.

In the gallery you can see a selection of products which will help you to recreate these beauty looks.