For the warm season, full of ceremonies and events, dresses with floral patterns are often used, giving an effect of lightness and thanks to the variety of colors they are the most suitable for day ceremonies or for events taking place at the sea as well as in the countryside. Stars and members of the royal family are not the exception, in their light and floral dresses they have participated in the most talked-about weddings of recent times, providing inspiration for magazines and editorials. But how to combine them without making it “too much”?


Floral patterns are not easy to match, as with flashy prints, it is very easy to look too showy. You should definitely pay attention to the type of texture (from the more thick and wide to the most delicate) but above all to the shape of the dress, so that it will perfectly fit your body. First of all, you must consider that a showy floral print (especially when combined with viscose) weighs down the figure while one with smaller flowers, even in a dense fabric tends to slim it (even better if combined with fabrics in lace or chiffon). For the dresses with floral print, it is better to choose neutral accessories or ones that reflect the colors of the dress. Instead, combining too many colors, or even worse, different prints will not strengthen any of the garments worn and will create only a very disharmonious effect.

To match the jewels, use the standard guidelines, preferably jewels in pink or yellow gold for all warm-tone floral prints, while for cold tones, platinum, silver, and white gold. Also avoid excessively showy accessories that shift the attention from the silhouette, playing instead on small and refined stones that recall the colors of the dress and other accessories you have chosen.


Among all the “VIPs” who have visited the most expected ceremonies of recent years, some floral print dresses have certainly not gone unnoticed. One of them was a green dress worn by Kitty Spencer (granddaughter of Lady D) for Harry’s wedding, magnificently combined with orange accessories and a hat to match the dress. Charlotte Casiraghi had chosen instead a long floral dress for her brother Pierre’s wedding with Beatrice Borromeo. Still among the guests at the royal wedding (which remains a guide full of indications on what to wear and what to avoid) are Sofia Wellesley, wife of James Blunt with a pretty dense floral lace dress in a beige lining and bottle green shoes like the branches on the dress and Carey Mulligan with medium-size flowers predominantly yellow in a mint linen combined with clutch, hat and shoes. Pippa’s dress for Harry’s wedding was also in mint tones. Megan, who was invited to the wedding of Clelia McCorquale, wore a look that was a little less appreciated, in blue-and-white flowers. Definitely no to the white color, wide slit and fascinator which is too different from the fabric and the texture of the dress.