Every time a relationship ends it seems that nothing can ever save us from that pain. The first few months are spent on collecting the pieces and dealing with shortcomings and frustrations, painstakingly trying to rearrange everything. The world hints at us that it’s time to go further even if sometimes it is extremely difficult. If it is complicated for us, imagine how complicated it is for celebrities, who have to face the judgment of the public, the front pages of gossip newspapers and the endless comments on the red carpet and social media. Here comes the revenge dress which is the media’s response to a break-up. Who hasn’t thought at least once, “I hope to meet him tonight because I’m looking so great, he must regret it”? Well, we all know that this does not happen very often, as most of the time we meet our ex-boyfriend’s in a daily routine (when leaving the gym or bringing a dog for a walk), but for the stars it is different. For them, there is no need to be seen in real life.

Diana and Irina

We had already spoken here of the most famous revenge dress of all times, namely the one worn by Diana in the evening before the screening of a documentary film in which Charles publicly stated that he always loved Camilla.  A little black dress with bare shoulders that wrapped around her very well, if there is any need to remind someone how fabulous she was. The outcome: the day after no one spoke of Diana as a victim, everyone was discussing her revenge dress. That black dress was the symbol of the free woman that Diana had become. Another revenge dress that you’ve probably heard of is undoubtedly that of Irina Shayk. The story of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper left everyone upset. 4 years together and then, suddenly, suitcases and official break-up. Was it the fault of Lady Gaga? No one can give you a response. Rumors say that Bradley was absent during filming as he started a new career as a director. The fact is that Irina has decided to take revenge, because she is not a woman who you can break up with. So here is a series of sexy mini-dresses to show off the statuesque body and make everyone understand that Irina is back.

Jennifer vs Angelina

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, two women tied by a conviction: Brad Pitt. Pleasant condemnation, perhaps the most pleasant in the world that seduces and abandons you. It was 2005 when Jennifer Aniston presented herself to the world, abandoned by Brad. Their relationship was a dream of millions of women. Whilst she is beautiful, simple but at the same time sparkling, he is one of the most beautiful men in the world. A dream broken by Angelina Jolie when they met on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith. So Jennifer decided to appear on the red carpet a few months later in a stunning dress because surely she wasn’t Angelina but neither the one who can be simply forgotten. As the years have passed, Angelina and Brad have conquered everyone with their relationship, being one of the most beautiful and unique families in Hollywood. Twelve years together, two of which were in marriage and 6 children. A beautiful story if we exclude the last scenes where Pitt is described as a violent man in the throes of alcoholism and she is undecided in a tug-of-war about finally getting divorced with the handsome Brad. Here then is the revenge dress: black, simple, elegant. The dress of a woman who is not only a sex icon but also an ambassador of goodwill of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and of the United Nations since 2001. A dress that can fully describe Angelina.

Jen and Liz

It was 2014/2015 when Jennifer Garner discovered that her husband Ben Affleck was cheating on her with the babysitter. What a scandal! She had already forgiven him once for the sake of the family and their three children, and the divorce process that followed it. A painful choice that finds all its revenge in the dress sported at the evening of the Oscars, the first after 10 years without Ben. The night she had to show the world that with or without her husband she remained Jennifer Garner, a red carpet diva. Revenge that has lasted for years if we think that last May for Mother’s Day, Affleck dedicated a post to her on social media in which he emphasizes that Jennifer is an extraordinary woman who has taught him the true meaning of love. Another striking dress is the one of Elizabeth Hurley in 2000, after a recent break-up with Hugh Grant with whom she had been together for 13 years, facing sexual scandals and his unbearable behavior. At the first red carpet without him Elizabeth was radiant in her champagne-colored satin dress.


The history of the revenge dress would be very long if we wanted to go over it all but there are still some dresses which cannot be left without mentioning. One of them is the dress of Kate Moss in September 2007 at her first outing after the end of the turbulent two-year relationship with Pete Doherty. Moss was very beautiful in a Dior vintage silk dress. More shameless was Gwyneth Paltrow, who after more than 10 years together with the Coldplay musician Chris Martin, had chosen for her first public appearance after the separation in 2014, a black bustier dress by Monique Lhuillier with lace transparencies. Bella Hadid, had opted for a far more aggressive option in 2016 after breaking up with The Weeknd. For the Victoria’s Secret show in Paris (where she knew she would meet her ex) she opted for a naked dress covered in precious stones. Very provocative, isn’t it? As well as her sister Gigi Hadid in November 2015 just out of the relationship with the musician Joe Jonas at the American Music Awards. All in white, in a sexy crop top and with a new haircut. Coco Chanel was right: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. And if the haircut is not enough, the dress is another great option to show the whole world your confidence, as well as readiness to move forward despite everything.