Each time we see them on the red carpet, they always leave us speechless for the great femininity that they have, but also for the particularity that the backless dresses possess. On the Oscars red carpet we were fascinated by Charlize Theron who chose an elegant but at the same time sexy blue dress. While from the recent ones – the dress of Zendaya for the first Spiderman Far From Home. But how to wear a backless dress? Here are some tricks on how to avoid mistakes.

There is a huge variety of backless dresses starting from more covered ones with a tattoo effect to the deep V-back dress, however all of them require a specific attention. The deep V-back dresses, such as the one worn by Hilary Swank for the Oscars 2005 by Guy Laroche, as well as those with a deep neck, are certainly the most complex ones. Precisely for this reason it is better to balance with smooth fabrics without embossed decorations, leaving all the attention to the back. The crossed cuts are instead the most common as well as the most used ones. The reason behind this, is that due to the minimum structure, they give the impression of being more stable and covering. In this case you can play with bright colors as well as with particular prints. Crossed cuts are perfect for the summer. Moreover, you can use them for any occasion. Among backless dresses, the sexiest ones are certainly those that combine a particular cut with a deep slit, that is slightly more revealing. Be careful with this type of dress, in order to not overdo the rest. If you prefer a deep but round backline like the one worn by Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes 2012, make sure that the front of the dress is without a neckline. It’s ok to play with prints for a splendid effect, but pay attention to the context: it may not be the most suitable dress for a church ceremony.

Wearing a dress with an open back also means paying close attention to the posture. Keep your chin up, put your shoulders back and chest open to get the maximum effect. It’s also inevitable to talk about lingerie: it is much easier to wear a backless dress for women with smaller breasts who can use simple silicone nipple covers. For medium breasts, it is better to use adhesive bras. While for larger ones, the simplest solution is to choose bras with a neckline or extension on the back. For really complicated dresses, you can choose a body that will surely hold up the breasts and will also uniform and harmonize the figure.

Which accessories to choose? Surely you should be accurate in this choice. Bright and precocious stud earrings; simple gold or silver bracelet or a pair of nice shoes with minimal details. Certainly avoid necklaces that would shift the attention to the front. For a really striking effect in case you have long or shoulder-length hair it will be better to tie it up and leave the neckline open. While if you want to shift the attention from the cut on the back you can opt for a wavy hairstyle (see the example of Hatheway and Rihanna). The advice is always to choose a shape that fits your body. If you do not know how to decide, you can opt for an A-line dress with a narrower top that gradually expands at the bottom. This shape in fact turns out to be among the most common, as it easily fits any type of body.