It often happens, indeed very often, that you find yourself choosing between what you like and what really suits you. The more time passes, the more you gain confidence in your body, managing to identify dress silhouettes that enhance our strengths. However, when we need to choose a dress for an important event, especially for a wedding, our imagination takes over, and the idea of “what suits us” is replaced by “what we have always dreamed of”. But it is necessary to understand that everything starts from the proportions of the body and that in order to be beautiful on the wedding day it would probably be more correct to choose something that will enhance our body strengths. Here are some style tips and looks for every silhouette.

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The triangle body shape is characterized by a narrow upper part and wide hips. It is the classic amphora type, one of the most common among Italian women. For this body type the best thing to do is to emphasize the upper part and de-emphasize the lower giving a preference to skirts with a high waist. For brides with a Mediterranean body shape, it is recommended to wear dresses in lace and bodices in light fabrics, with a slit in the lower part. 



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The inverted triangle body type is characterized by a wide upper part, with large shoulders and chest. Surely the weak point is the abdominal area which is not particularly marked, but can be emphasized by an empire-style dress. If you have a big chest, it is better to choose a dress with wide straps and balance the figure with smooth and soft fabrics on the upper part and structured on the lower part.



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Women with this body shape are the thinnest, usually characterized by an androgynous figure. A waistline that is not well-defined can be solved with an empire-style or one-shoulder dress. Surely the few curves will allow you to use flounces and voluminous fabrics to create forms.


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This silhouette is desired by all women. If you are one of the lucky ones and you have this super feminine shape, emphasize it with a mermaid model. You can emphasize the waistline with belts and can surely dare with a classic princess dress. For the softer physique it is advisable to have a diagonal drapery that will balance the volumes of the figure.


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Very feminine and curvy, the oval body shape should be enhanced with wide V-shaped necklines that verticalize the silhouette creating a nice volume over the whole figure. The weak point of this body type is the abdominal part that should be softened with empire style cuts and a game of the volumes. Avoid bustiers and structured fabrics by favoring thin and light fabrics.


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